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Lots-4-Tots is a licensed group child care center serving West Fargo ND, and the surrounding area. We are located off of Veteran's Boulevard in the South Pond Preserve neighborhood, right down the block from Freedom Elementary. 

What parents have to say about Lots-4-Tots:

With daycare being high in demand, I found it difficult to first find child care that I was completely comfortable with but also to find child care that I was excited about. My child spent the first year of her life in a child care center that never felt "right" and in the back of our minds, this felt like a temporary care situation for our daughter. After receiving a recommendation for Lots-4-Tots and starting there over a year ago, we have felt that we have found our "forever" home for child care and are so incredibly grateful for the care and love that Kolby receives on a daily basis. Lots-4-Tots has opened up new doors for our daughter both educationally as well as socially. She is excited to go to daycare every day which makes for excited parents to hear about her daily adventures. Ashley is truly one of a kind and her patience, child care expertise and love for all of the children under her care is so evident. Our daughter has flourished in the last 12-months  and we are so appreciative that Ashley is in our lives.
- Cassie and Jade

Lots-4-Tots is amazing! We love the family atmosphere - our child is not a number, she is absolutely loved and nurtured all day long. Ashley is such an authentic person, and the structure and support she provides is the best we have ever seen. She is a professional, and it is amazing to see how she coordinates learning with fun, she keeps them busy. We are lucky enough to have her care for our third child, our older children experienced both a home and a center daycare - and Ashley is by far the best. We can talk with Ashley about anything; she is very open and welcoming. We wouldn't trade Lots-4- Tots for anything. We have no complaints. None. 
-LaShai and Aaron

Lots-4-Tots is fantastic!  Ashley is a great person and a great example of who I want our children to be.  My kids have learned so much from the school environment but for me the best part is they have learned what "friends" are and how we treat and communicate with our friends.  Everyone always tells me what nice kids I have and how well they play with other kids and I attribute that to Ashley at Lots-4-Tots. 
Leah and Ed
Ashley really feels more like family.  She cares for my son as much as anyone in our family would.  She makes sure to keep the children learning and entertained.  From the first day, he has been happy there.  I feel safe leaving my son in her care.

Thank you for being an outstanding daycare provider for us. You have always been there for our family and helped us out when we needed you. Eva loves going to daycare every day. She has even been mad at us that we won't bring her on Saturday's. As Eva moves on to kindergarten, we will miss having you in our lives. We will still keep in touch and I'm sure Eva will want to come back from time to time to show off what she has learned at school. Thanks again for providing an outstanding environment for Eva to be exposed to during the day. I am positive that the things she has learned at Lots-4-Tots will help her during her grade school years.
Thanks for everything. 
-Nate and Liza

We enrolled our daughter in Lots-4-Tots Childcare shortly after her first birthday, which was the best move we could have made.  Within a short period of time we saw improvements.  Our daughter has developed tremendously from the experiences here.  She has learned to share with others, follow rules and use manners.  Every morning she is excited to go to her “friend’s house”.  Words cannot express our gratitude to Lots-4-Tots for everything it has done for our daughter over the past three years and continues to do every day. This daycare has become a second home to her. Ashley has truly become a part of our family; she has provided us with advice and support whenever we need it.  The care that the children receive here goes beyond just a place for them to stay while their parents are at work, it’s a place for them to learn and interact with a great teacher and a great group of kids.  We honestly believe that our daughter has benefited immensely from her time here. 
-Tyler & Amanda

Finding child care that I was comfortable with dominated a huge amount of my energy and resources throughout my entire pregnancy and 12 week maternity leave. I had contacted Ashley early on in my pregnancy, after she came highly recommended, only to find that she did not and would not have an opening. Of course I was disappointed but not surprised! So I kept searching…..we were lucky enough to find someone to care for our child from the time she was 3 months old until she was just over one year. At that time, we were faced with a difficult decision to make a change in order to best meet the needs of our family and most importantly, our baby. So I again contacted Ashley at Lots-4-Tots who just so happened would have a spot available starting the next week. We both interpreted this as a pretty clear sign! I loved that she asked for us to come over and meet to make sure that "we" were a good fit. I have found that the relationship that a mother has with the person caring for their child is like no other. I could not be more thrilled with my experience and the care that my daughter receives. My plan prior to starting at Lots-4-Tots was always to transition my child to a larger center so she could experience "pre-school" once she got a little older. This is no longer something I would ever consider. She is learning and growing by leaps and bounds. She is more interested in books than I could have ever imagined and has made some amazing little friends! I know we have found the perfect place for her to grow physically, developmentally, and socially. There is a mutual respect between myself and Ashley and I value her feedback and opinion more than I can say. There is no doubt that she loves and cares for my child as if she were a member of her own family. I can not thank her enough for giving me this kind of piece of mind. Priceless.
-Angie and Dave
I think Ashley is the best child care provider in the Fargo/Moorhead area, hands down. Your child gets the best of both worlds here; she provides center activities in a home-based environment. She also includes independence in the children’s everyday learning to help increase their self-confidence and ability to make good decisions.  She truly is an amazing provider.
We are parents of three children that have attended Lots-4-Tots since its beginning. In this time, the nurturing and loving environment has remained constant for our children. Ashley has cared for our children through all developmental levels, infant to pre-kindergarten. Her ambitious nature was exemplified by leading the children in a pre-school curriculum; in addition to the curriculum she takes time to discuss emotions and feelings with every child. In addition to providing for all the children, she takes care of business matters in an honest and dependable manner. Ample notifications of closures are given and also clearly stated in her contract. All these reasons clearly show Ashley’s dedication to the children and Lots-4-Tots. All our children have enjoyed, really loved, attending Lots-4-Tots and will continue to do so until they are of school age.
-Darrick & Kathryn
Thank you for being you and taking such wonderful care of my children.  If anyone is looking for daycare, this is the place to be.  Ashley is not only an amazing woman, but a wonderful provider. I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful , lovable, dependable, dedicated experience with her child care. This is the place to be, you have no worries when you leave there and when you come to pick up your children, you don't want to leave :)
-Tara and Mike

     Moving my daughter to Lots-4-Tots was the best decision I’ve ever made!  My daughter used to go to a popular center-style daycare in the Fargo area.  After growing frustrated with the yearly price increase, I decided to look in to other options.  My neighbor recommended Lots-4-Tots, where her two children have been attending since infants.  From Day 1 – Gracyn was excepted with loving, open arms by Ms. Ashley and has been happy every day since.  She is genuinely excited  to go to “school” now and sometimes even asks to go on weekends!  
      Ms. Ashley is second to none!  She provides a structured and routine environment that the little ones thrive on.  As soon as I pick Gracyn up (which takes some time because she never wants to leave) she is very eager to tell me about the days’ activities….what crafts were completed that day, going to the splash pad or park,  playing make-believe with her friends, pajama/reading parties (her favorite), or what she’s learned that day.  Every day I’m amazed by the new knowledge my child has obtained!  In addition to basic pre-school skills like letters & numbers, the solar system, animals, etc., Ms. Ashley teaches and  inspires good character in all of the children.  To me, helping raise loving, caring citizens is one of the greatest contributions my daughter has gained from attending Lots-4-Tots.  
     I cannot say enough good things about Lots-4-Tots and Ms. Ashley.  I could not have chosen a more perfect fit for my daughter and I than Lots-4-Tots.  I drop my daughter off every day with the confidence that she is in an  awesome environment that provides her with love, attention, friendship, and new experiences every day!
-Holly and Aaron 
Lots-4-Tots has been an amazing place for my son to grow, develop, and learn! Ashley cares for these kids like they are her own. The time, effort, and patience she puts into every single day is above and beyond what one would or could expect. We are so very lucky she has let us be a part of her daycare! 
-Joe and Andrea
We are so fortunate to have found Lots-4-Tots daycare for our daughter, Juliette. We have been immensely grateful for the warm and loving environment that she provides and have grown to truly cherish Ashley’s presence in our lives. She always provides a welcoming atmosphere and is thoughtfully structured throughout the day. I never worry for a moment when my daughter is with Ashley, as I trust her judgment, her patience, and her commitment to nurturing Juliette’s development.  
-Ashley and Gillian

Why should I choose home child care?  
You may be wondering how to choose what is right for you and your child.  Should you enroll in a child care center or look for a home child care provider?  Here are some important benefits I have learned about home child care:

  • Siblings are kept together.  Being apart from parents can be scary enough for children, but here they will find comfort being with their brother or sister.
  • Spending their day in an actual home may bring them a sense of ease and less anxiety as they are used to being in their own home.  
  • A smaller ratio of children to adult means there will be much more focused attention on each child’s individual needs.  Your child will be comforted, praised, rewarded, recognized and treated as the special individual they are!
  • Children will form a closer bond with their caretaker.  In centers, the “teacher” in the room can vary from day to day, leaving children confused and unable or unwilling to attach to any single person.  The constant change can also lead to uncertainty as a child won’t know what to expect.  Forming that strong relationship with their caretaker also leads to better behavior and understanding of what is expected of them.
  • Home child care allows for more consistency in a day.  Children become familiar with the daily routine, know what friends will be there, understand the rules, and overall feel more relaxed.  
  • Children learn from each other.  It is good for them to be around other ages of children.  They watch and listen to each other and can teach one another new things.  Older children form a sense of pride and accomplishment if they are able to help a younger child with a task.  It may help a child transition better if they may gain a younger sibling someday as well!
  • Communication between the caregiver and parent is stronger.  We can talk about concerns and questions more freely and comfortably and work together to do what is best for the child.  

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